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Idea List (4/4): Ruined Orgasms

Following from my previous post. Here’s the next instalment of the Idea List. It will be four parts, being: Non-nude / Blindfolded Teases Nude teases (no sexual stimulation for him) Cock teasing Ruined Orgasms Ruined Orgasms Lick/suck his cock until

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When last have you tied him up?

When last have you tied your hubby up in a compromising position and gave him either all the frustration in the world, or pleasured him over and over until he asked you to stop? Hints: Bed is the most comfortable

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Tied and ridden

Sometimes, I just like to tie my hubby down, pop an over the counter erection pill, and ride him home, if you know what I mean! ūüôā If you don’t have one of those pills, an elastic hair band works

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Make his Penis BUZZZZZ (no hands)

Often I wrote about using a vibrator on your hubby. (see previous blog posts on my site) This method, however, will free your hands, both of them, to do dirty and evil things to him (or just go do something else

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Surprise! Get locked!

Well that was fun! Yesterday morning, before hubby went to work, I put the bag with the chastity device in his notebook bag (safely hidden away). When he got to work, I phoned him Рwhile secretly touching myself in my

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Doctor Said

Last night I tied hubby to the bed again, but I wanted to spice things up a bit with some role-play. So I decided to give him some “hospital” time. It’s quite simple: I was dressed as a nurse, and

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Busy? Tie him to bed (or something)

Some times I have house chores to do, professional work to do, or I’m just in the mood for a good book. Hubby, however, is in the mood for some kinky time. “I don’t have time for this!”, I’ll think

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