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Idea List (1/4): Non-Nude Tease

I’ve been asked if I have a list of short, byte sized tease ideas. I found something and added some of my own. It will be four parts, being: Non-nude / Blindfolded Teases Nude teases (no sexual stimulation for him)

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Naked Cooking (fun idea)

Ladies, I have to share this with you. Last night I had an idea to frustrate hubby by having him cook naked – a dish that was fairly complex to make so he had to concentrate more than just scrambled

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Weekend Tease

Friday night I decided I’m going to tease hubby to the point of insanity. I think i have succeeded. Here’s what I did: I gave him sexy glances and flashed my bod’ to him all weekend long I rubbed up

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Cunnilingus: Keep him motivated

Watching Game of Thrones this past weekend, I thought back of the scene where Ygritte and Jon Snow where they got it on in the cave in an earlier season – especially the cunnilingus scene. Something that stuck with me when remembering their

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Day of Edge

Tell your hubby he’s allowed an orgasm that night when you choose (might be early, might be late), but you will edge him (or order him to edge) every hour for the whole day.  Start early, as soon as you

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Doctor Said

Last night I tied hubby to the bed again, but I wanted to spice things up a bit with some role-play. So I decided to give him some “hospital” time. It’s quite simple: I was dressed as a nurse, and

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No self-touching, light stimulation

He is not allowed to touch his own penis while it is erect so it soon becomes extremely sensitive to touch. Tell him he is allowed to cum if he can, while you let your fingers roam all over his

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