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Surprise! Get locked!

Well that was fun! Yesterday morning, before hubby went to work, I put the bag with the chastity device in his notebook bag (safely┬áhidden away). When he got to work, I phoned him – while secretly touching myself in my

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Chocolate Treat

I have spoken about this before, but this picture made me think of something we did quite some time ago: Friends of ours bought us a chocolate fountain. Even though the chocolate gets heated up quite high, when you take

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Perfect Sunday Night

The makes of a perfect Sunday night: HE can’t cum, and HE can’t make you stop! (If you want to cum over and over without giving him release, HE can’t do anything about that either!!)

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Do you have a collar for him? If not, get one. If you do, why not get him naked (except for his cage), put it around his neck – take off your knickers and tell him you want to hold

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School Lesson

Fun game: Reading Lessons Make your man stand, classroom setting, and read out a lesson to “the class” (or perhaps rather the teacher in her office) Walk around him with your cane or whip or flogger, hitting him every time

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Clothespin Play

How are we doing on the weekend ladies? Hope you’re still keeping your man well-occupied and horny! ­čÖé A quick tip, next time you have him tied to the bed unable to move – ready for some extended edge-play –

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Stay strong, Ladies

So, as you ladies gathered, my husband has been in chastity and being denied by me for the past few days. In fact, he has been caged and denied since last Friday, the 13th. (Yes, Friday the 13th – I’m

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