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PS4/XBox + Metronome

Goodness, my one lady friend just told me about this amazing idea / combination of ideas she implemented this past weekend! She combined tow of my posts into one: PS4 Regular Breaks (link) Metronome Fun (link) This is what she

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Make his Penis BUZZZZZ (no hands)

Often I wrote about using a vibrator on your hubby. (see previous blog posts on my site) This method, however, will free your hands, both of them, to do dirty and evil things to him (or just go do something else

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Busy? Tie him to bed (or something)

Some times I have house chores to do, professional work to do, or I’m just in the mood for a good book. Hubby, however, is in the mood for some kinky time. “I don’t have time for this!”, I’ll think

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