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PS4: Regular “Breaks” – Fun with Hubby!

So hubby got me a game I’ve been nagging him for a couple days ago for an early Christmas present. It’s not really his cup of tea, so for the past few days I’ve been playing it and he was

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Metronome Fun

Grab yourself a metronome app from the app store. I recommend this one (but there are others with far more features): Get to know your metronome app a little – imagining him stroking to the beats. Increase the beat,

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Idea List (3/4): Cock Teasing

Following from my previous post.Here’s the next instalment of the Idea List. It will be four parts, being: Non-nude / Blindfolded Teases Nude teases (no sexual stimulation for him) Cock teasing Ruined Orgasms Cock Teasing Warning: You are inevitably going

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Chastity: Keeping him Healthy (the fun way)

I’v been pregnant a few times, and during and after each pregnancy Bio Oil helped me regain some form of skin tone and elasticity. It also felt rather great to pamper myself a little. One place I had to apply

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Erection Challenge

Hey ladies, I have a challenge for you! Take a weekend or holiday where the two of you can remain in your pyjamas (or very loose clothing). Rule #1:Ā There’s NO underwear allowed for either of you! The challenge is to

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Shower Fun – wash “him”

Everybody knows teasing their man makes their virility go through the roof! Teasing is fun, and it’s a useful tool to get his… attention… šŸ™‚ Something fun I do to hubby, and that keeps him guessing, is to shower together,

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Challenge: Random Timer

The timer is ticking as your oiled hands rhythmically stroke his rock hard cock. He knows he will have to make it to the buzzer goes off without edging if he should have a chance of an orgasm this week.

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