Pyramid (strokes) Game

Fun little game we played (and I’ll do it again!): Pyramid Strokes

It’s simple:

  • Start with 1 stroke, 1 second rest
  • Then 2 strokes, 2 seconds rest
  • Then 3 strokes, 3 seconds rest
  • … carry on until you reach
  • 10 strokes, 10 seconds rest
  • … then move down the pyramid again
  • 9 strokes, 9 seconds rest
  • 8 strokes, 8 seconds rest
  • … carry on until you reach 1 stroke 1 second rest and you’re done.

Now, do this over and over with him, and see how may “pyramids” it takes him to cum.

To mix things up a little, use two dice and before each pyramid throw the dice and see what number you get – this means the pyramid can go a minimum of 2 high (if you threw two 1’s), or a maximum of 12 high (if you through a double 6). Hey, you could also use three dice – but I’d say using four or more starts to make it merely a normal handjob, wouldn’t you say?
(if you don’t have dice, just download an app for your phone)

Extra bonus points if you kept him in chastity for some time, and do this on the day you take him out and play with him (naturally after driving him crazy all day/week/month.

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Front row seat

Fun thing to do that drives hubby’s testosterone through the roof: I tie him to the bed, get on his chest with my womenhood close to his mouth.

Then I work myself over with my hand and vibrator. Ever so often I press myself against his mouth and tongue.

Cumming so close to him makes him horny as hell.

After this it’s dealers choice: you can let him stay frustrated and horny or… tease that orgasm out from his depths.

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Reverse Sensory Deprevation

It’s funny, isn’t it – how men (and women) like taking one or more of our partners’ senses away and then enjoying their body, and having them enjoy the sensations. Here’s a fun idea from a friend of mine:

Have him blindfold you, then tell him to watch you undress yourself… then him… clumsily… and then search for his manhood with your hands and mouth.

Proceed to work him over with your hand and mouth until he blows his load all over you.

The thing you’re doing here that really gets into his head, is he can see where you are, he knows how close he is… he thinks he’s doing something naughty because you can’t see what’s happening… and he realises one exiting truth: “I’m going to cum, and likely cum all over her, maybe somewhere she’s not expecting to have my seed on her!”

This excitement and naughtiness will likely drive him crazy.
Pro-tip: You know likely where you are with respect to him anyways, so perhaps to add to his excitement position yourself in such ways to make him contemplate above “naughtiness”.

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Exercise, chastity, sex, motivation.

Most (if not all of us) have indulged in somewhat over the holiday season. There was chocolates, pudding, fatty food, you name it, it was there!

It’s always been a struggle to get hubby to exercise with me. This time I’m implementing the “exercise or stay horny” motivation.

It’s basic: He is in chastity (from 1 January), and I have taken some careful measurements of him (weight, waist size, body fat, etc). We set some realistic short term targets.

Then I put the cage on him, pointed to one of his “targets” and said to him: “If you hit that, you get to cum all over me. I’ll take the cage off for you to exercise, shower, and so on, but all under my supervision. “

Naturally, I do my very best to sexually frustrate him as much as I can:
– I masturbate when he knows, or let him know once I’ve done
– I work out in sexy clothes and touch him seductively
– I have him go down on me often

Essentially I motivate him to work out as hard (pun intended!) as possible to hit his targets.

He gets fit and buffed. I get to have a good looking man. He’s more healthy, same with me. Everybody wins!

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Where the key belongs…

Came across this again, it’s funny so I thought I’d share again:


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Teasing, Edging, Femdom Tutorial Video

I don’t often post videos, but this is really a great watch.

This lady (Veronica) shows her 3 basic moves / techniques. It’s well worth the watch, but here’s a few tips from the video if you don’t have the time (or privacy) to watch it now:

Important: Light touches is great, the lighter the touch, the longer he’ll last (which is what you want, right?)

But seriously, watch the video!!

The twister: Two hands, twist them in opposite directions as you work your way up and down his cock. 

“The pussy”: Hold your hands against each other, fingertips making a slight opening, and hove his cock into your hands. Again, very lightly!

“The asshole”: Hold your thumb and index finger in a ring, grip the base of his penis firmly. Then work his cock through the ring opening all the way to the base, up again and punch it closed a bit as you move off his cock.

Use variations. Switch it up.

Bending the cock down a bit is great, men like the stretch feeling.

Keep his cock guessing.

I particularly like how she sits on his chest – it’s such a powerful method of playing with sex. Sitting on his chest holds him in place, it makes you feel his rhythms, it shows him you’re in control, it’s arousing as heck. To top it all off, you give him a great view of your ass, which absolutely drives men insane!

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Wartenberg Pinwheel

A toy we love using on each other is the Wartenberg Pinwheel. You can find one here on Amazon. What’s great about it is with a medium amount of pressure one’s mind can’t decide whether it’s pain or pleasure (both possibly?).

It really heightens the excitement and makes your partner’s senses hyper.

For me it’s particularly fun to play on his genitals and nipples while he’s tied down.


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