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Penetration: With Timer

Hubby loves to spoon… and I know the feeling of sex is overwhelming to him (under the right conditions) when he enters me while spooning. So, we started a bit of a game: Over the past few days I unlocked

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Hard-soft, Hard-soft method!

A great way to drive a man crazy with lust and hormones, is to play with his erection state. When a male gets an erection, it causes testosterone to be injected into his bloodstream, facilitating the production of seminal fluid.

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Exercise, chastity, sex, motivation.

Most (if not all of us) have indulged in somewhat over the holiday season. There was chocolates, pudding, fatty food, you name it, it was there! It’s always been a struggle to get hubby to exercise with me. This time

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Bed of roses

Ladies, a common misconception is that men are not romantic. On the contrary, they love romantic things – especially if it is around the bedroom šŸ™‚ A fun idea is to wait for hubby literally on a bed full of

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Orchestrate him catching you

Ever watched porn or read something erotic, while going to town on yourself… and feared somebody (like hubby) catching you in the act? Well, why not turn it into an adventure and plan/orchestrate it. While hubby is in the shower,

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Magazine / Facebook Tease

Ā This tease originates from an idea around a magazine, but I have implemented it around my facebook / online-article-reading time. The idea is simple: You want to spend some time reading your facebook timeline, or go through a few long

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Idea List (4/4): Ruined Orgasms

Following from my previous post. Here’s the next instalment of the Idea List. It will be four parts, being: Non-nude / Blindfolded Teases Nude teases (no sexual stimulation for him) Cock teasing Ruined Orgasms Ruined Orgasms Lick/suck his cock until

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