Penetration: With Timer

Hubby loves to spoon… and I know the feeling of sex is overwhelming to him (under the right conditions) when he enters me while spooning. So, we started a bit of a game:

Over the past few days I unlocked him each night, and teased him rock-hard… I made sure his penis is properly lubed up… and then I tell him:

You may enter me, and have your way with me – but only for a fixed amount of seconds. If the timer runs out, you have to pull out! No matter what! The rule is even if he starts cumming he has to pull out, and possibly ruin his orgasm in this manner.

Tuesday (two days ago) it was 10 seconds – he failed!
Yesterday it was 20 seconds – he failed!
Tonight’s going to be 30 seconds – I think he’s gonna fail again!

Let’s see how long we can drag this out until he gets to cum 🙂

Naturally the amount of seconds added each time is up to you… heck, perhaps connect it to chores done in and around the house – a second added for every thing done! Make him work for it 🙂

Oh, and btw, the plan is that even if he cums say 5 seconds before the timer he still has to pull out when it runs out. I’m hoping that when he gets to cum it ends up being a couple seconds before, and have him pull out and half ruining it.

Posted in challenge, Chastity, Flash-Idea, Teasing & Fun

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