Hard-soft, Hard-soft method!

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A great way to drive a man crazy with lust and hormones, is to play with his erection state. When a male gets an erection, it causes testosterone to be injected into his bloodstream, facilitating the production of seminal fluid.

When you have hubby tied to the bed, or a chair, or restrained in some other way – a great (and fun) way for you to drive him absolutely crazy is to tease a rock-hard erection out of him, and then do something else while you wait for it to subside… then tease another one out, and wait for it to subside… carry on like this until you lose interest or take it to the next step.

Not only does it drive him crazy, but it also creates subtly more pressure in his balls – so if you do this, and then don’t let him release, but lock him up again – it’ll drive him crazy!

Careful though – the hornier and crazy he gets, the easier it is for you to “slip up” and push him over the edge. What to do when you make this fun mistake?

Easy: Ruin him!

Or if you want to see how much cum you made him produce, carry on and see if you can break a “personal record” šŸ™‚

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