Hygiene, Body Odour and Chastity

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We are all human!

So is your chastity-wearing boy-toy.

A friend asked me how I deal with hygiene when hubby is locked up, and she wants to unlock and play. She mentioned that he smells more musky or sweaty because of the cage. This is natural – the cage isn’t supposed to be there, according to our body, so it’s going to sweat more and there’s nowhere the sweat can go. That’s why daily washing is important!

My advice, if you are planning to “play” with him, do this:

  • Have him take a shower and wash properly (unlocked)
  • As usual, when he exits the shower, he should have his cage washed (of course!) and have him put it back on – thinking to himself “ok, no playtime tonight”.
  • Make sure it’s locked!
  • Later on, have him lay on the bed and tie him down – properly, so he can’t play with himself. (side-note: men love it when their ladies tie them down extremely well, so make sure he’s properly restrained!)
  • Unlock him, and have him “air out” a bit.
  • If you want, use a warm soft wet cloth to “wipe him off” sensually. This always gets my hubby hot for me… and it makes sure you’re happy with things down there.
  • Then, do what you desire to do with him
    (or, not! tying him down, unlocking him and then later just lock him back up again could be incredibly frustrating to him!)

Something to consider as well, is the cage. Most people have one already, and stick with it. Chastity cages are expensive! But if you do want to get another one – I’d suggest a chrome/wired one that has lots of breathing space.

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