Drinking Game & Teasing/Edging

Fun little game we played: I got a couple bottles of booze and tot glasses, we sent the kids off to bed and upon confirming they’re all asleep, we started our game. It’s simple: We used a deck of cards and played a short game – each time I won, hubby had to down a tot of his favourite liqueur (he likes the mint and banana ones particularly, so I stocked up).

However, before downing his tot, he had to edge himself – the number of times he lost. So, after the first loss, he had to get himself hard, and edge himself once – while I tease the hell out of him, of course. After the second loss, he had to again get himself hard, and edge himself twice. After the third loss, three edges was required. And so on…

Of course to make sure he didn’t cheat and to make sure he edged each time he said – I insisted on having his balls in my hand, with my index and middle finger firmly pressed against his perineum (the part between his scrotum and anus) – this is where I could feel his PC muscles twitch and contract, confirming it’s an edge.

The awesome part of this game is I can decide how much I drink, keeping myself just tipsy enough to enjoy his show – and to make myself cum in front of him – and eventually I could decide how drunk I get him before I take over and ride him home a couple of times.

Naturally the game doesn’t have to end after you ride him home, you can carry on playing – after which it’s even more difficult for him to edge.

Or hey, you could also tell him to go do bed frustrated, in preparation for a surprise fuck in the middle of the night – or even putting him in chastity the next day, really drilling home the frustration!

Up to you, ladies!

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