Pyramid (strokes) Game

Fun little game we played (and I’ll do it again!): Pyramid Strokes

It’s simple:

  • Start with 1 stroke, 1 second rest
  • Then 2 strokes, 2 seconds rest
  • Then 3 strokes, 3 seconds rest
  • … carry on until you reach
  • 10 strokes, 10 seconds rest
  • … then move down the pyramid again
  • 9 strokes, 9 seconds rest
  • 8 strokes, 8 seconds rest
  • … carry on until you reach 1 stroke 1 second rest and you’re done.

Now, do this over and over with him, and see how may “pyramids” it takes him to cum.

To mix things up a little, use two dice and before each pyramid throw the dice and see what number you get – this means the pyramid can go a minimum of 2 high (if you threw two 1’s), or a maximum of 12 high (if you through a double 6). Hey, you could also use three dice – but I’d say using four or more starts to make it merely a normal handjob, wouldn’t you say?
(if you don’t have dice, just download an app for your phone)

Extra bonus points if you kept him in chastity for some time, and do this on the day you take him out and play with him (naturally after driving him crazy all day/week/month.

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