Reverse Sensory Deprevation

It’s funny, isn’t it – how men (and women) like taking one or more of our partners’ senses away and then enjoying their body, and having them enjoy the sensations. Here’s a fun idea from a friend of mine:

Have him blindfold you, then tell him to watch you undress yourself… then him… clumsily… and then search for his manhood with your hands and mouth.

Proceed to work him over with your hand and mouth until he blows his load all over you.

The thing you’re doing here that really gets into his head, is he can see where you are, he knows how close he is… he thinks he’s doing something naughty because you can’t see what’s happening… and he realises one exiting truth: “I’m going to cum, and likely cum all over her, maybe somewhere she’s not expecting to have my seed on her!”

This excitement and naughtiness will likely drive him crazy.
Pro-tip: You know likely where you are with respect to him anyways, so perhaps to add to his excitement position yourself in such ways to make him contemplate above “naughtiness”.

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