Exercise, chastity, sex, motivation.

Most (if not all of us) have indulged in somewhat over the holiday season. There was chocolates, pudding, fatty food, you name it, it was there!

It’s always been a struggle to get hubby to exercise with me. This time I’m implementing the “exercise or stay horny” motivation.

It’s basic: He is in chastity (from 1 January), and I have taken some careful measurements of him (weight, waist size, body fat, etc). We set some realistic short term targets.

Then I put the cage on him, pointed to one of his “targets” and said to him: “If you hit that, you get to cum all over me. I’ll take the cage off for you to exercise, shower, and so on, but all under my supervision. “

Naturally, I do my very best to sexually frustrate him as much as I can:
– I masturbate when he knows, or let him know once I’ve done
– I work out in sexy clothes and touch him seductively
– I have him go down on me often

Essentially I motivate him to work out as hard (pun intended!) as possible to hit his targets.

He gets fit and buffed. I get to have a good looking man. He’s more healthy, same with me. Everybody wins!

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