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Where the key belongs…

Came across this again, it’s funny so I thought I’d share again:

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Teasing, Edging, Femdom Tutorial Video

I don’t often post videos, but this is really a great watch. This lady (Veronica) shows her 3 basic moves / techniques. It’s well worth the watch, but here’s a few tips from the video if you don’t have

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Wartenberg Pinwheel

A toy we love using on each other is the Wartenberg Pinwheel. You can find one here on Amazon. What’s great about it is with a medium amount of pressure one’s mind can’t decide whether it’s pain or pleasure (both

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Cheer up

We all have different ways to get cheered up. But what man doesn’t get cheered up by some sexy time?! With some people having year-end-blues, remember this tip:

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Bed of roses

Ladies, a common misconception is that men are not romantic. On the contrary, they love romantic things – especially if it is around the bedroom šŸ™‚ A fun idea is to wait for hubby literally on a bed full of

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