Orchestrate him catching you

Ever watched porn or read something erotic, while going to town on yourself… and feared somebody (like hubby) catching you in the act? Well, why not turn it into an adventure and plan/orchestrate it.


While hubby is in the shower, or just not in the same room… get your laptop, phone, iPad, whatever you prefer out and go to your favourite site. Naturally you need to be wearing little enough to get to your “juicy parts”. Now use your hands or vibrator to really go for it!

Send hubby a text or time it correctly with him getting out of the shower, so he catches you in the act.

As he walks in… make eye contact, and really go for that orgasm!

I guarantee, he’ll be hard and ready to go quite quickly… now, either deny him or have him have his way with you after you’re satisfied.

Posted in Flash-Idea, Roleplay, Teasing & Fun

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