Mutual play

I think there are very few things as pleasurable, and as intimate!… as mutual masturbation. I suggest every couple do this, it’s great to have one party bring themselves to orgasm and then the other party follows. Hearing your loved-one moan in pleasure just heightens your own pleasure, almost always guaranteeing you “finish” as well. But even if it doesn’t go that route, it’s still a great way to enjoy each others company. Have a look at this visual. Doesn’t that just look so intimate and lovely?!?


First she teases him, and has him edge himself a few times…


… then she goes to work on herself, telling him to “hold it…”


… finally she cums, writhing and grinding her body against him as she grinds her hand against her sex… finally, as her orgasm draws to and end, she tells him… “Cum for me…”


And she watches as he enjoys the recent visual of her orgasm, her moans, her scent, her smile, her face an beautiful agony, as his orgasm explodes!


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