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Waking sleeping “dogs”

You know you want to…

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Control: You take it off, you put it back

Control. That’s what most of it all is about. You feeling in control. He feeling loss of control. A simple thing to do, to assert control: Tie him to your bed (with his cage still on)… tease him, touch his

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Nothing like a good book

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Outdoor Sex (share)

Me and my husband always loved hiking – and we have a special place we go to in the mountains that have very little foot traffic, as it’s a tough hike. One of my fondest memories are of us having

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Nipple clamps – it’s not just for her

Sometimes the obvious things, aren’t obvious. Let me just come out and say this: Nipple clamps are not just for her, but it’s for him too! Yes, sure, female nipples are much more sensitive, but that doesn’t mean male nipples

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Magazine / Facebook Tease

 This tease originates from an idea around a magazine, but I have implemented it around my facebook / online-article-reading time. The idea is simple: You want to spend some time reading your facebook timeline, or go through a few long

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Blow his mind (not his load)

Tease him by masturbating yourself to an orgasm while his cock is inside you. It will blow his mind to feel you contract around him, but he won’t get to blow his load.

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Meet me outside (car fantasy)

Life is dangerous, and we can’t go and do sexy things anywhere anymore as our parents and their parents could do during the hippy days. So I decided I’ll simulate it at home. My plan: I’m going to come up

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Desire – he’s gonna get it

Just saying, I’m going to do this to my man tonight 🙂 Been keeping him in denial for a few days now, and teased him building up to this.

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He desires: No control!

One of the things I’ve learnt (and hubby learnt too!) during our play-time together over the past two decades, is that he loves it when he has no control over what’s happening to him. Rather, more accurate: When I am in

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