Game of numbers

A fun game to play, which will give you LOTS of pleasure (orgasms) and him some pleasure too!

Look deep into his eyes, while you have him on the edge of orgasm, and tell him this:

“I have a new game for you.

First I get an orgasm, then you can get an orgasm.

After your orgasm, I will need 2 orgasms before I make you cum again.

Then I will need 3 orgasms, then 4…. so every time you cum I will need one more orgasm before I do make you cum again.

Let’s see how long we can keep this up for! Don’t worry, It will be fun!”

He’ll surely agree to it, being so close to cumming. Then, play the game, see how many weeks you guys can last. Keep score, it’s fun doing that!

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