Naked Cooking (fun idea)

Ladies, I have to share this with you. Last night I had an idea to frustrate hubby by having him cook naked – a dish that was fairly complex to make so he had to concentrate more than just scrambled eggs 🙂

It started off more/less like this… hubby butt naked except for his man-cage on… me with a glass of wine in hand…

article-2219695-158DEA24000005DC-106_634x411.jpg… but soon I started to frustrate him by touching him sensually and teasing him.

You could see by the way his cock was straining against the chastity device that it was working!

I was wearing a skirt, and unbeknownst to him I wasn’t wearing any underwear – so when there was a bit of a waiting period in the cooking, he turned around and found me sitting on the table, legs parted and playing with myself.

I hid my vibrator behind the microwave oven, so I reached back and got it, and proceeded to start pleasure myself.

The funniest part was, I orgasmed and as I was in the throws of pleasure, the oven’t clock went: “ding!” – I thought this type of thing only happened in the movies! 🙂

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