Idea List (4/4): Ruined Orgasms

Following from my previous post. Here’s the next instalment of the Idea List.

It will be four parts, being:

Ruined Orgasms

  • Lick/suck his cock until he pass the point of no return than stop while he starts to cum – but keep him so close to your mouth – the visual will drive him crazy.
  • Ask him to masturbate then make him ruin his own orgasm – this is tough, he’ll be fighting his own urges, but most men endure and do what needs to be done once asked by their queen.
  • Once he pass the point of no return, drop a bucket of ice on his cock – best done outside so the bed isn’t soaked 🙂
  • Ride his cock, once he start to cum get off him and let him cum on his belly without any stimulation
  • Masturbate him to the edge a few times then ruin his orgasm. (this is fun in the shower – have a look at my post about washing him)
  • Tie him, tease him for a while, promise him that you will let him cum, ask him to cum for you… at the last moment ruin his anticipated orgasm!

Have fun ladies! And let me know if you have more ideas 🙂

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