Idea List (2/4): Nude tease

Following from my previous post.Here’s the next instalment of the Idea List.

It will be four parts, being:

Nude tease (no sexual stimulation for him)

Naturally all these teases are done either in the nude, or with really skimpy underwear on – perhaps only a g-string šŸ™‚

  • Masturbate while he watch
  • Perform a striptease or a lap-dance
  • Pussy eating, face sitting – yes, sounds controversial, but ALL men I spoke to would LOVE their girlfriend or wife straddle themselves over their face while they pleasure them with their tongue with that incredible view.
  • Get over him and put his face between your boobs, he is not allowed to move or to lick.
  • Let him lick/kiss all your body except your pussy, ass or tits
  • Let him lick/kiss your boobs, but donā€™t allow him to touch the nipples
  • In the 69 position, let him please you but donā€™t touch his sex – or just hold his shaft without moving your hand at all.
  • Watch porn together, you can masturbate while he watch.

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