Chastity: Keeping him Healthy (the fun way)

pack_shot.jpgI’v been pregnant a few times, and during and after each pregnancy Bio Oil helped me regain some form of skin tone and elasticity. It also felt rather great to pamper myself a little.

One place I had to apply it, was to my perineum – for reasons.

It occurred to me the other day, that my hubby’s penis might need some “tender loving care” when I let him out of his cage for a bit of edging (and breathing).

So, I started to use Bio Oil or Tissue Oil – whichever I had handy – to massage his penis. Not only did it feel great for me to contribute to his health in this manner – but it also brought him so close to shooting his load all over us both, it was amazing to watch what that oily lubricant can do!

Try it, ladies – even if he’s not in chastity at the moment. You’ll love the effect it has on him!

Side-note: Generally anything that’s good to use on your newborn baby, is ok to use on his penis. Johnson’s Baby Oil is also therefore a good option if your budget doesn’t allow for the more expensive Bio Oil or Tissue Oils on the market.

Just, do him a favour, and try stay away from heavily scented oils. If you’re worried – have him wash himself with some soap to get rid of most of the oil before putting him back in chastity.


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