Risk/Reward and Chastity

Hey Ladies,

December is my favourite month for chastity and/or tease and denial. Why? Because there’s so much he’s risking, and so much reward to be had on both sides!

A fun game I like to play with hubby is that, about 6 weeks before Christmas I start to tease & deny him either by the honour-method, or by physical chastity. It’s denial for a few days – sometimes up to a week – and then full-on orgasmic blissful sweaty and hot sex. One of my favourite moves is to show him my body, in a very sensual and “asking for it” posture, much like the pic below – and to explain to him that he’ll be in chastity or denial for a full week. Then I pick up a mouth-gag, and just before putting it on myself tell him: I hope tonight is worth it! After winking at him, and putting the gag on myself I let him have his way with me, as many times as he wants.

He knows that, when he takes the gag off of me, that’s when my next words are to put the chastity device on, or when I tell him “good luck!” and start the week or denial.

He absolutely love it! I could tell 🙂


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