Erotic Stories – continued

A girl friend of mine (who really enjoy my blog – and from what she tells me her husband do too!) told me a bit about her adventures with my suggestion of erotic stories.

Advice she gave was:

  1. Find a series – she found this one (Lush Stories: Trading Favors), and literally had a week of reading each night. She said that even though this was more focused on the woman having pleasure, it didn’t detract from the biggest sex organ her hubby has (his brain) from going completely mad with lust! Another good kind she said, was one that involved giving a blow job, this way she could let the story “guide her mouth”. She suggested to go to “Editors Picks” and let the tags guide you from there. She also suggested printing the stories (going to the PDF view) and stapling the pages together for easier use in bed.
  2. Furthermore, she suggested ropes. Lots of ropes!
    She suggested that, in order to really mess with hubby’s mind you use ropes to tie him down – but not just loosely, really be aggressive with the way you tie him down – the less he can move the better. See how the guy in the above picture is tied with his legs and arms bent backwards, so he is almost in an infinite thrust position? That’s what she’s talking about (oh, and slow is great here!!)
  3. Messing with his mind, for her, was easy. She said she made him lie on the bed, papers in hand and had him start reading the story. She toyed with him a bit, but soon got on top of him in the 69 position, with her sex right up to his face – so much so that he had to hold the papers above her butt – knowing full well that he will be stealing glances at her, and that her smell will drive him crazy. She said that, yes, it did, and he didn’t have a chance against her hand and mouth.
  4. Finally, her last suggestion was one word: Lube! (lots and lots of lube!)

Have fun with your men, girls!

Keep them edged, keep them guessing, keep them needy – and they’ll be coming[Pun intended!] back for more and more 🙂

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