Bath-time Serving

When you are in the mood for an erotic novel (or one of those Lush Stories) I suggest this:

Props needed:

  • Bedroom cuffs (the sexy kind)
  • Blindfold (one of those airplane sleeping masks works great actually)
  • Wine
  • Book (good erotic book preferably)
  • Bubblebath
  • Chocolate or strawberries (or both)
  • Candles

Here’s what you do:

  • Have hubby run you a nice hot bath with bubblebath and candles – you can even have him put some classical music (instrumental) on as background music.
  • Have him undress you – while still fully clothed.
  • Have him help you into the bath. Once ready, have him undress in front of you, making a point of looking at his manhood and letting him know you’re in the mood to play with him,
  • How have him serve you (yes, naked!) – the wine, the chocolates, etc – all while you start to read your book.
  • Make a point to play with your body, your breasts, nipples, sex, all over while he’s standing there. If he makes a peep, shut him up.
  • Tell him to stand closer to the bath, much closer!
  • Now, while you read your book – touch him wherever you want to, arousing him.
  • Now have him put the blindfold on.
  • Finally, have fun with him:
    • Stroke his manhood while reading
    • Suck and lick him a little
    • Vary the speed and intensity – edging him relentlessly
    • Make sure you get and keep him hard for as long as possible!
  • Don’t worry if you make him cum – you’re in the bath! 🙂

Have fun driving your man crazy, ladies! And enjoy being served! 🙂

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