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Frustrate Him

Your job, when tease and deny playing is simple: Frustrate him! Tie him to the bed, and frustrate him by either giving him an unsatisfied erection every few minutes, or by reading an erotic novel to him – while making

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Couch Time

A fun idea a friend of mine told me about is to tell hubby you’re going to watch some TV, put something sexy on and lie either with your head on his lap, or if you want to give him

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Chastity: Keeping him Healthy (the fun way)

I’v been pregnant a few times, and during and after each pregnancy Bio Oil helped me regain some form of skin tone and elasticity. It also felt rather great to pamper myself a little. One place I had to apply

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Flash Idea: 5 Pauses

Why this works? Because it will make him incredibly horny, and we like to keep our hubby’s that way! How: Give your partner oral sex – or if you’re not into that – a nice lubed up hand job, but deny

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Risk/Reward and Chastity

Hey Ladies, December is my favourite month for chastity and/or tease and denial. Why? Because there’s so much he’s risking, and so much reward to be had on both sides! A fun game I like to play with hubby is

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Bath-time Serving

When you are in the mood for an erotic novel (or one of those Lush Stories) I suggest this: Props needed: Bedroom cuffs (the sexy kind) Blindfold (one of those airplane sleeping masks works great actually) Wine Book (good erotic

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Erotic Stories – continued

A girl friend of mine (who really enjoy my blog – and from what she tells me her husband do too!) told me a bit about her adventures with my suggestion of erotic stories. Advice she gave was: Find a

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Erotic Stories

I’ve spoken about this before; there is just something about the mind and imagination when it comes to sex. Do you want to play with hubby’s mind a little?  It’s quite simple what I (and repeatedly) did to hubby: Find

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