Chastity Countdown(up)

A friend of mine told me about a fun game she and her hubby played (well, she plays it on him).

  1. She puts him in chastity, for just 1 day – to his surprise, she takes him out after the 24h
  2. She tells him to just take her, to not care about her pleasure at all, to just focus on his own.
  3. Once he’s orgasmed, she tells him to take a shower, and when he’s done she puts him in chastity again.
  4. Now, after 2 days she takes him out, and tells him again to take her and only do it for his pleasure.
  5. Again, she has him shower and puts him back into chastity.
  6. 3 days later, she lets him do the same, and then puts him back in chastity for 4 days
  7. Then 5 days
  8. Then 6 days
  9. At this point, once she hits 7 days she either starts adding 2, or 3 days – or sometimes she tells him she’s going to add another week.

She tells me that she just loves it when he completely takes her, no mercy – she loves the moment he loses control and uses her for his pleasure. Now ladies, I know  you have that same need to make your man enjoy you that way! And who knows, you might have some fun while he’s doing it too! 🙂

You get the picture.

Or, if you don’t, have a look at this:


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