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Sex Secrets for FLR Women…

Boots: big heeled stompy boots that he can bow down and worship, lick, kiss, and adore. The big boots will show him your power as a woman and he will adore you for it… Clothed Female and Naked Male (CFNM):

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Orgasm Denial, her call

One of the first issues that needs to be addressed when a couple first
embarks on a male chastity lifestyle is male orgasm denial and how long it should be for. In order to adequately address this question, it’s wise to

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The view. The torment 

Nothing like having him out of his cage, ordered not to cum, and then masturbating in a position that gives him a great view making yourself cum over and over.  Once done: order him back into his cage – or

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Chastity Countdown(up)

A friend of mine told me about a fun game she and her hubby played (well, she plays it on him). She puts him in chastity, for just 1 day – to his surprise, she takes him out after the

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Some girls really like building the anticipation and sexual tension in their man. I love it too! A fun game to play is to call hubby over to a private part of the house, tell him to undo his belt

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Pull him closer

This is one hell of a way to pull him closer – he’ll love it, promise!

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When last have you tied him up?

When last have you tied your hubby up in a compromising position and gave him either all the frustration in the world, or pleasured him over and over until he asked you to stop? Hints: Bed is the most comfortable

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