Weekend Tease


Friday night I decided I’m going to tease hubby to the point of insanity. I think i have succeeded. Here’s what I did:

  • I gave him sexy glances and flashed my bod’ to him all weekend long
  • I rubbed up against him at every opportunity I got – even gave him a bit of a lap-dance!
  • I told him to edge for me every hour or hour and a half – believe me ladies, I know this had the effect as his briefs was moist most of the time!
  • I worked myself to orgasm in full view, while he was allowed to touch me, but not himself on Friday night, Saturday morning and Saturday early evening
  • I made him sleep naked on Friday night
  • I slept naked on Saturday night
  • Se took a naked Sunday afternoon nap

Now, as I’m writing this, he went to go take a shower – I’m already in my sexy night gear – and I have the room ready to go.

We have about 4 hours before we need to go to sleep – and I intend to use every minute of it to tease the heck out of him, until about half-time. Then, I intend to give him as many orgasms I can in the remaining 2 hours.

Hubby (and I) are going to have a really good night sleep tonight!

Wish me luck girls! Or should I say, wish HIM luck 🙂

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