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Just a thought…

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TV tease fun (denial)

This one is straight forward: Pick something sexy to watch on TV – something like Masters of Sex or even something more racy. Before you put the show on, secretly bring your favourite vibrator with you – and make sure you’re

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He won’t ask (probably not)

A friend of mine asked me how I know what hubby wants, and what fantasies to play out with him – “does he tell you?” Well, unfortunately, not all men – in face, the majority of them – won’t tell

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Weekend Tease

Friday night I decided I’m going to tease hubby to the point of insanity. I think i have succeeded. Here’s what I did: I gave him sexy glances and flashed my bod’ to him all weekend long I rubbed up

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Teasing self service 

Sometimes the best way to tease hubby is to masturbate myself to a hard deep orgasm right in front of him.  One of my favourite ideas I played out yesterday was to tell him to kneel with his penis over

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