Shower Fun – wash “him”

Everybody knows teasing their man makes their virility go through the roof! Teasing is fun, and it’s a useful tool to get his… attention… 🙂


Something fun I do to hubby, and that keeps him guessing, is to shower together, and wash each other.

Not only does it give him a hardon washing me, my curves and sensual bits, but what comes after that makes him go crazy: Lather your hands with LOTS of soap – seriously, the more the better – then take his manhood in your hands and wash him thoroughly. But keep him away, or just on the edge for as long as you can. Then rinse him off – it works great if you have a handheld sprayer to really get the water on him!

Pro-tip: Some shower gels or shampoo’s have a bit of a lasting effect when it comes to lubrication, if you have those, use that for added effect and longevity.

Now, time to get out of the shower and go on with your day 🙂

He’ll be slapping your but, giving you hugs, neck kisses and down right groping you the whole day long!

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One comment on “Shower Fun – wash “him”
  1. […] Masturbate him to the edge a few times then ruin his orgasm. (this is fun in the shower – have a look at my post about washing him) […]


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