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Challenge: Sexy Nightwear

 The Challenge: Wear sexy nightwear for 14 days. I’m sure you have heard and seen the studies stating that sleeping naked has loads (haha) of benefits – now I know I do sleep naked from time to time to tease

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Erection Challenge

Hey ladies, I have a challenge for you! Take a weekend or holiday where the two of you can remain in your pyjamas (or very loose clothing). Rule #1: There’s NO underwear allowed for either of you! The challenge is to

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Shower Fun – wash “him”

Everybody knows teasing their man makes their virility go through the roof! Teasing is fun, and it’s a useful tool to get his… attention… 🙂 Something fun I do to hubby, and that keeps him guessing, is to shower together,

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Tied and ridden

Sometimes, I just like to tie my hubby down, pop an over the counter erection pill, and ride him home, if you know what I mean! 🙂 If you don’t have one of those pills, an elastic hair band works

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