Challenge: Movie

tumblr_o7icyjyPVF1sjcg23o1_250.jpgWatch a movie together. Every time something specific happens you stroke his cock for 10 seconds. It can be whenever someone says a “fuck” or whenever there is a blond woman on the screen. If, example, it’s when there’s a blond woman on the screen for 2 minutes, stroke the whole time – or not, you’re in charge 🙂

If he gets too close to cumming, you stop and give him a punishment – slap his thigh, or he has to take a shot of tequila, or he has to lick you for a few minutes (bonus if he can make you cum).

If he can make it through the whole movie, he gets to cum. If not, well – tough shit, you can always play tomorrow night again with a different movie 🙂

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