Make his Penis BUZZZZZ (no hands)

Often I wrote about using a vibrator on your hubby. (see previous blog posts on my site)


This method, however, will free your hands, both of them, to do dirty and evil things to him (or just go do something else while he writhes)

What you’ll need:

  1. Vibrator (any vibrator would do really)
  2. Elastic Hair Bands (Pro-tip: If you have bondage tape, that works even better!)

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Method: Take the vibrator and position it on the underside of hubby’s penis, with the vibrating end firmly pressing against the glans – yes, we want to drive him fucking crazy! Use the elastic hair bands (two, three, however many you need) to fix the vibrator in position by putting the bands over his penis and the vibrator at the same time.

Important: Rather use too many bands than too few – as the moment things get “heated” and he thrusts and moves around a lot, the vibrator would want to move (think two hard pipes against each other). Also, if you’re in the mood to let him go soft with the vibrator still attached, and wait for him to get hard again – the elastic bands need to keep the vibrator in place until… well… until nature takes her course 🙂

Now, go tie hubby to the bed, blindfold him, and work on your creation. Switch the vibrator on (low setting for frustration, high setting for evil queen bitchiness), and once all is in place, do what you want – because hubby is occupied for the next hour or six 🙂

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