Surprise! Get locked!

Well that was fun!


Yesterday morning, before hubby went to work, I put the bag with the chastity device in his notebook bag (safely hidden away).

When he got to work, I phoned him – while secretly touching myself in my car – and uttered only the following words:

“Surprise! Take your cage out of your notebook bag – in the front pocket – and go put it on. You have 15 minutes, send me proof once done!”

I put the phone down, and waited for the photo of his caged manhood, sending him a count-down every minute that was passing by.

Once I got the photo of his locked manhood, I sent him this photo:


That got his attention!

That evening I made sure I came multiple times on top of him, while he was tied to our bed, still caged, and visibly burning with desire.

The next morning, I surprised him yet again by unlocking him before work and saying: “Surprise!”

I could see, this threw him off his guard 🙂

Have fun surprising your hubby’s ladies!

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