Busy? Tie him to bed (or something)

5Some times I have house chores to do, professional work to do, or I’m just in the mood for a good book. Hubby, however, is in the mood for some kinky time.

“I don’t have time for this!”, I’ll think to myself. But wait…

… a trick I sometimes pull out my little bag of tricks is to tie him to our bed, and set a reminder for every 20 or so minutes. Each time my reminder goes off (or each time I finish something I wanted to do), I swing by the bedroom and play with him for a bit. Sometimes I let him cum. Some of the times I don’t.

The point being: I’m in control and I decide what I’ll do to him. Interestingly, no matter what I do he ends up enjoying it. Some times I don’t let him cum at all, and I can see deep down he enjoys being controlled like that. But when I do let him cum, I tend to go overboard and work him over with enough lubrication I can manage and make him cum every time (or every second time) I visit “his chambers”.

My record so far was to make him cum 8 times in the course of a 6 hours evening. He was physically and emotionally drained after that! Fun times! šŸ™‚

PS: Naturally the bed isn’t the only place you can tie him up:


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