Home Office Surprise

UntitledSometimes my hubby works hard ( 🙂 ) and long ( 😀 ) hours. Whether he’s in his cage or not – and he’s definitely not always in his cage, ladies – I sometimes just want to give him something else to think about.

Yesterday morning, hubby had to get up real early to get a presentation ready for a client meeting. I can see his desk from our bed – and after years of marriage I can see when he’s really into it versus when he’s done and starting to relax. When I saw he’s at the end of his work session – I got up, freshened up and implemented my plan:

I went over to him, still in my sexy night-clothes. He only had his jocks on – which made everything much easier. Knowing one of his favourite things is reverse cow-girl – because it works well on his a chair – and gives him good penetration (and as an added bonus it gives me great control) – I did that to him, as a quickie.

If you want some “inspiration” – watch this video (it made me super horny: Pornhub: Home office scene

Have fun ladies! There’s nothing as fun as making a man cum in the morning to get all that testosterone balanced out!

PS: When you have him in chastity, it’s also a great idea to go “have fun with yourself” on him, on his chair – this will make him crazy!

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