Stay strong, Ladies

tumblr_nvzdkzPo1O1uf20w1o1_500So, as you ladies gathered, my husband has been in chastity and being denied by me for the past few days. In fact, he has been caged and denied since last Friday, the 13th. (Yes, Friday the 13th – I’m devilishly like that). So it’s been a full week now!

So far, the count is: Orgasms for me, 9. Orgasms for him, 0 (but I gave him 2 ruined orgasms just to relieve some pressure)

Ladies! Now is not the time to be weak and letting your empathy get the best of you! Don’t waver! I know it’s easy to get trapped by the weekend happiness and time on your hands and release him from chastity and denial and letting him cum, but… don’t let him cum!

My plan is to go at least 3 weeks without giving him the release I can clearly see he desires in his eyes each time I tease him. 3 weeks is a good number, because after 1 week the hormones are extremely high, but his psyche things “oh, ok 1 week – she’s going to let me cum!”. After 2 weeks he’ll be torn between so wanting the release he’ll do anything, but not wanting to piss you off because he knows you mean business! At the end of week 3 his mind is getting used to not cumming, but his body will almost certainly appreciate it. At this point in time, you’ve created the habit of being denied in his mind. Now is a good time to do what YOU want, because you truly are in control now.

You can either end it in a glorious blast of 3 weeks worth of bottled up orgasmic ecstasy jetting from him, or you can put another week or more on.

For some ideas on what to do, go browse my blog – there’s lots of great ideas from my past. Also go search in tumblr for chastity or bdsm ideas – there’s “loads” of ideas (see what I did there? 🙂 )

If you’re feeling adventurous, why not have him build that DIY spreader bar from yesterday’s post – oh come on, it’s DIY weekend, remember, or just tie him like this for a few hours:


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