DIY: Spreader Bar


So, ladies! A spreader bar, for him!!

While you have your hubby at your disposal for some DIY around the house, why not add some bedroom-DIY in the mix. This is what I told mine to do, and it was great!

He is to buy from Home Depot (or any hardware shop) the following:

  • 1x wooden dowel, at least 1 inch (2.5 cm) thick (a broomstick works great)
  • 2x eyelet screws
  • Some rope, we need at least 20 feet (6 meters)

He is to follow the instructions below (go ahead, print it out and give it to him to do!!):

  1. Cut the wooden dowel in 3 feet (1 meter) length
  2. Drill holes and put the two eyelet screws in at the ends
  3. Cut two 3 feet (1 meter) rope pieces (or slightly longer)
    You should have another 10 feet (3 meter) piece left
  4. Present the entire package to your mistress at X time tonight, naked and only wearing your cage!

When he arrives with the final product (looking similar to the image above), playtime starts.

My suggested position? Make him stand, use the short pieces of rope to bind his ankles to the bar – this puts him in a rather vulnerable position. But he can still cover himself with his hands! To solve this, either cuff his hands behind him, or use the long remaining rope to tie his hands behind his back, and then to the spreader bar below, this way he can’t bend over to protect himself either.

Now, go to work on him, make him squirm! 🙂

Here’s visuals of what he needs:

balsasheet 001 003931532_1 images

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One comment on “DIY: Spreader Bar
  1. […] you’re feeling adventurous, why not have him build that DIY spreader bar from yesterday’s post – oh come on, it’s DIY weekend, remember, or just tie him like this for a few […]


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