Get Sticky

tumblr_nddlumqZek1rbatvno1_540Now look, I don’t really like getting sticky that much. But!

One thing that I do like, is my husband adoring my entire body. One good way that we like doing that, is dripping honey all over me, at strategic places – and having him lick it up. He likes sweet things, and he also like his “sweet litt’l thing” he says, so 🙂

There is also another way to get in a sticky situation that “pays off”: Nutella Popsicle. It’s not quite as cold as a normal popsicle, but it sure is fun cleaning! Grab a jar of nutella: If it’s a hot day, just leave it out in the heat a bit to get nice and soft, if not – give it a few turns in the microwave. Then, this:


If you don’t want to dip the entire thing in there, you can always use a butter knife (yes, not the sharp type) to image you’re icing a cake (nice looking one at that!). Once you’re done, use your mouth to get ever bit of nutella off your man! Trust me, he won’t mind it one itty bit!

Pro-tip: It could also be fun to go wash it all off in the shower afterward! Lots of things one can do with soap!!

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