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Safe Words

Safe word Basics: Before participating in any bdsm related activity its important to establish rules with your partner(s). Everyone has a different tolerance for pain; along with different levels of what they are comfortable with. To communicate these limits and

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Halloween is coming

Why not dress in something halloween, and tease him close to death. Nothing beats being dressed to kill and forcing him to edge over, and over, and over – until there’s a pool of pre-cum around him – yet he’s

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Fun game (rhythm)

Get your crop/cane/paddle/flogger, whatever you use for a bit of kinky pain-play – especially if you love feeling the power and that jerk in your hands when it makes contact. Now (and this might need some preparation on your part)

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Banana Tease

Short one, I came across this photo and tried it with hubby while he was in chastity (you can do this when you physically have him in chastity or when you’re on the “honour system” – it works great both

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TV Fun with Tenga

If you don’t know what the Tenga Egg is yet, you (and your hubby) is missing out on a lot of fun. I suggest you go out and get one of these. Ask your local adult store dealer to show

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