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Command him to cuff him

When hubby gets home after work, why not meet him at the door dressed sexy and looking ready to screw his brains out and take what’s yours. But instead of devouring him right there and then – show him a

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Ben Wa

Now, this is something every woman should know and do or use regularly. I use my Ben Wa balls whenever I can, yet often times when I speak to woman about this concept it is completely alien to them. If

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Bound Reverse Phycology

Chastity doesn’t always mean he has to be locked in a too-small cage / device, humiliated and/or made to suffer while serving you. It can also mean giving him pleasure – intense pleasure – the kind of pleasure that makes

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Madam Chair-lady

Now, just so we’re clear, guys like porn. That’s not to say that us ladies don’t like a good sexy movie also from time to time. Problem is, most of the porn out there has the same story-line (if you can

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