He can’t come to the phone, he’s tied up

505383Many a woman crave showing her man she’s in control. I don’t think it’s a secret, but if you didn’t already know – men “secretly” crave it too! They get off, so to speak, on losing a bit of that control they naturally try to exert on the world. However, they still feel they have some form of control depending on the position they’re tied up in, and what you do to them, and off course for how long you do it to them. Most of us realise that men, even if being tied up, like having an orgasm. But what sometimes get missed is the subtle difference between them “having” an orgasm and you “forcing” an orgasm on them.

Have you ever uttered the words, or at least thought the words: “No matter what you do, no matter how you fight it, I’m going to make you cum! I’m going to take that orgasm!

That’s control! The type of control that even if he didn’t want to orgasm at that moment in time, you were going to take his orgasm, and there’s nothing he can do about it! And once you’ve taken the first orgasm, you’re going to take the second, and the third, and you’ll go on until he’s a quivering emotional mess in your hands!

That, ladies, is showing your man that you control him on a whole new level!

Off course, you can always replace giving him 7 mind numbing orgasms while having him tied to the bed the entire evening, with edging him over and over and “taking” his ruined orgasms one after another, making him beg you for the next, and the next!

Here’s some “tips” and “tricks” that worked great for me (us) and with great success makes my man vulnerable in front of me:

  • String him up really tight! Like the photo above, it’s not just enough to tie him to the bed when he can still (even forcefully) bend his arm to scratch his nose, or he can still bend his leg enough to bump your hand away from his manhood – in essence still being in control. What I’m talking about is having the ropes or cuffs or whatever you use so tight that his muscles actually get sore from stretching, and he can feel (and rightly so he should) that he’s been “abused” the next day. If you’re lucky enough to have one of those four-poster beds (which face it not a lot of us these days have) a fun thing to do is to tie his arms and legs not down to the covers, but have him tied being pulled upward by his hands and feet so they don’t touch the covers – enough for him to wonder how much more pull would be necessary to lift him straight off the mattress. That way he can’t even brace himself by digging in his heels.
  • Leave him (down there) completely vulnerable: A trick to play on the male mind is to make his body realise it can’t protectFrog-groin-stretch his groin area. Men are naturally protective of their package, whether it’s by the way they walk or sit, or by the way their reflexes spring into action when somebody aims a foot or a knee toward their nether regions. If you tie him in such a way that he lies on the bed almost like a frog, with his knees bent and the soles of his feet touching, yet his knees tied away from each other to spread-eagle him – there’s nothing he can do to prohibit you access to his balls and penis. His mind will scream against this, especially if you put a bit of pain-play in the mix. By the way, this position gives you better access to start playing a bit with his anus, something – if done at the right moment – will disarm his control completely! (What I’m talking about is much like the stretch exercise picture to the right … except it’s your guy, and he’s tied down like that 🙂 ) [Don’t be surprised, if you two are into swapping roles from time to time, if he takes this exact position and ties you down in the future – it’s very erotic, and very visually pleasing for my man!]
  • p10-2_6Remove his “ability” to cum: I spoke about this before in an earlier post, but nothing says “I own your orgasms” like taking away his ability to cum. I’m not saying permanently – no – just temporarily. Go ahead, go ask your friendly pharmacist for some Ora-Jel (see this post)
  • Pain play: Nothing says “I own you completely” or “You’re vulnerable” than giving him a little bit of pain if he can’t get away from it. Pain you can give any time you want, and pain you can take away any time you want. My favourite choice in weapon? The good old clothes pin used to hang washing outside with. Not only do you get different shapes, sizes and spring-strengths – but it has a nice two-fold effect: First off when you put it on, it pinches the skin and sends a sharp signal to his brain (especially if the skin you’re pinching with it is his scrotum). Secondly, a while later the skin where it pinches numbs, but when you remove (sometimes rip) the pin a second or two later a very new and long lasting sensation arrives, as the blood and life painfully fills the pinch-point again.
  • Sensory deprivation: I’m not talking about the overwhelming and rather daunting full-face-masks they sell at your local BDSM store. As simple as blindfolding him, and putting earphones with loud music so he can’t hear you coming (or is that cumming?) is enough to drive him crazy – especially if he’s a bit of a control freak. Keep his penis guessing, so to speak 🙂

There’s much more tips and tricks! I’d like to hear from you what you’ve done to your man that worked great to show him who’s in control! Leave a comment please 🙂


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One comment on “He can’t come to the phone, he’s tied up
  1. […] Tie hubby/boyfriend/fiancé down to the bed or chair or wherever you feel he can’t get away from you and can’t have an influence on the game himself. [See this for tips on the subject: Tied Up] […]


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