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Let’s do some maths

If you had to estimate, how many times do you think you can make him cum in one session, say the 6 hours between when he gets home from work and midnight? Let that be “x” [Let’s say you estimate 5 times]

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Just spank him

Sometimes, all he needs is to know that you’re in control, and that he messed up. Whether he did something wrong or not is completely irrelevant. Find something to blame him for, especially if it’s something funny, and punish him

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It’s not (always) all about cumming

Sometimes one just have to come out and say it: Let’s not try to cum tonight, let’s just have fun and see where things go. I for one, sometimes just want to fool around, and I know my husband feels

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He can’t come to the phone, he’s tied up

Many a woman crave showing her man she’s in control. I don’t think it’s a secret, but if you didn’t already know – men “secretly” crave it too! They get off, so to speak, on losing a bit of that

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Summer Icy Fun

Now that we have hot summer days, it’s fun to play with really cold things. Ice is always a great way to heighten the senses. There’s very few things like being tied down to the bed, or being told not to move

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Hey Fellow Teasers, A fun thing to do to get him all hot and bothered: “No-touch-[Fri]day“. In other words, pick a day… any day… and make it a “no-touch” day. He can look at you, he can drool over you,

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