Metronome Fun

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Grab yourself a metronome app from the app store. I recommend this one (but there are others with far more features):

Get to know your metronome app a little – imagining him stroking to the beats. Increase the beat, lower the beat – change it to 2 or 3 “clicks per beat” or like I call them “strokes per beat”. Mess around a little and let your imagination wonder!

Have hubby get ready – perhaps tie everything down except his dominant hand. Blindfold him perhaps?

Start the metronome, and tell hubby:

  1. Your goal is not to cum!
  2. Stroke to the beat!
  3. Don’t stop unless you edge.
  4. Tell me when you edge.
  5. If I tell you to “ride” the edge, stroke at your own pace in order to stay as close to the edge as you can, but do not cum!
  6. If you cum without my permission, you lose.

Then start playing around.

Start slow, speed things up, slow it down again… really get in his head.

Pro-tip: For added fun, eventually when hubby is really worked up – set the speed to a constant, slow and agonising speed and tell him to stick to the speed – then start to play with with yourself and make yourself cum. See if this can make him cum or not. Both is fun. Both is fine 🙂

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Penetration: With Timer

Hubby loves to spoon… and I know the feeling of sex is overwhelming to him (under the right conditions) when he enters me while spooning. So, we started a bit of a game:

Over the past few days I unlocked him each night, and teased him rock-hard… I made sure his penis is properly lubed up… and then I tell him:

You may enter me, and have your way with me – but only for a fixed amount of seconds. If the timer runs out, you have to pull out! No matter what! The rule is even if he starts cumming he has to pull out, and possibly ruin his orgasm in this manner.

Tuesday (two days ago) it was 10 seconds – he failed!
Yesterday it was 20 seconds – he failed!
Tonight’s going to be 30 seconds – I think he’s gonna fail again!

Let’s see how long we can drag this out until he gets to cum 🙂

Naturally the amount of seconds added each time is up to you… heck, perhaps connect it to chores done in and around the house – a second added for every thing done! Make him work for it 🙂

Oh, and btw, the plan is that even if he cums say 5 seconds before the timer he still has to pull out when it runs out. I’m hoping that when he gets to cum it ends up being a couple seconds before, and have him pull out and half ruining it.

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Hard-soft, Hard-soft method!

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A great way to drive a man crazy with lust and hormones, is to play with his erection state. When a male gets an erection, it causes testosterone to be injected into his bloodstream, facilitating the production of seminal fluid.

When you have hubby tied to the bed, or a chair, or restrained in some other way – a great (and fun) way for you to drive him absolutely crazy is to tease a rock-hard erection out of him, and then do something else while you wait for it to subside… then tease another one out, and wait for it to subside… carry on like this until you lose interest or take it to the next step.

Not only does it drive him crazy, but it also creates subtly more pressure in his balls – so if you do this, and then don’t let him release, but lock him up again – it’ll drive him crazy!

Careful though – the hornier and crazy he gets, the easier it is for you to “slip up” and push him over the edge. What to do when you make this fun mistake?

Easy: Ruin him!

Or if you want to see how much cum you made him produce, carry on and see if you can break a “personal record” 🙂

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Hygiene, Body Odour and Chastity

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We are all human!

So is your chastity-wearing boy-toy.

A friend asked me how I deal with hygiene when hubby is locked up, and she wants to unlock and play. She mentioned that he smells more musky or sweaty because of the cage. This is natural – the cage isn’t supposed to be there, according to our body, so it’s going to sweat more and there’s nowhere the sweat can go. That’s why daily washing is important!

My advice, if you are planning to “play” with him, do this:

  • Have him take a shower and wash properly (unlocked)
  • As usual, when he exits the shower, he should have his cage washed (of course!) and have him put it back on – thinking to himself “ok, no playtime tonight”.
  • Make sure it’s locked!
  • Later on, have him lay on the bed and tie him down – properly, so he can’t play with himself. (side-note: men love it when their ladies tie them down extremely well, so make sure he’s properly restrained!)
  • Unlock him, and have him “air out” a bit.
  • If you want, use a warm soft wet cloth to “wipe him off” sensually. This always gets my hubby hot for me… and it makes sure you’re happy with things down there.
  • Then, do what you desire to do with him
    (or, not! tying him down, unlocking him and then later just lock him back up again could be incredibly frustrating to him!)

Something to consider as well, is the cage. Most people have one already, and stick with it. Chastity cages are expensive! But if you do want to get another one – I’d suggest a chrome/wired one that has lots of breathing space.

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Caning edges

Fun game: After denying him an orgasm for a couple days (with chastity or otherwise), have him undresses for “inspection”. Upon making sure he’s properly groomed and clean, tell him to get hard for you.

Have your cane or whip ready.

Tell him to stroke himself and when you tell him to edge he should get to the edge and tell you when he’s there.

Tell him to “ride” the edge until you whip / cane him; then it’s hands off and a rest until you tel him to start again a few seconds later.

Keep going until he’s properly frustrated, properly whipped or both.

Then lock him up again and maybe have him “service” you.

Bonus points for pros if you can have him ruine an orgasm. Be ready to restrain his hands though if that happens, he won’t be able to make himself stop.

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Denial – it doesn’t have to be rocket science!

Some people over-complicate denial and chastity.

It doesn’t need to be so complicated!

If you’re new to it (or even if you just want to fool around again) it can be pretty simple!

Tell him you’re going to be denying him for a couple days (or put him in a cock-cage to make it clear), and then make a point of masturbating multiple times a day, but at least once a day – the key is to do it in front of him, or half the time when he knows you’re doing it but he’s at work or not around.

See! Simple! Don’t overdo it if you don’t want to or don’t know how to make it a complex game or even if you don’t necessarily have the time, what with work and life and kids.

Example of “he knows you’re doing it”: Send him a text message, ask him how his day is going, then tell him you’re naked and about to get busy with yourself – send him a nude if you feel like it. Then a couple minutes later when you’re done, tell him you’re done. Heck, tell him how many times you came! It drives men crazy with lust!

That’s the point of it, isn’t it?

Bonus: You get to cum, which is also kinda the point, isn’t it?!

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Drinking Game & Teasing/Edging

Fun little game we played: I got a couple bottles of booze and tot glasses, we sent the kids off to bed and upon confirming they’re all asleep, we started our game. It’s simple: We used a deck of cards and played a short game – each time I won, hubby had to down a tot of his favourite liqueur (he likes the mint and banana ones particularly, so I stocked up).

However, before downing his tot, he had to edge himself – the number of times he lost. So, after the first loss, he had to get himself hard, and edge himself once – while I tease the hell out of him, of course. After the second loss, he had to again get himself hard, and edge himself twice. After the third loss, three edges was required. And so on…

Of course to make sure he didn’t cheat and to make sure he edged each time he said – I insisted on having his balls in my hand, with my index and middle finger firmly pressed against his perineum (the part between his scrotum and anus) – this is where I could feel his PC muscles twitch and contract, confirming it’s an edge.

The awesome part of this game is I can decide how much I drink, keeping myself just tipsy enough to enjoy his show – and to make myself cum in front of him – and eventually I could decide how drunk I get him before I take over and ride him home a couple of times.

Naturally the game doesn’t have to end after you ride him home, you can carry on playing – after which it’s even more difficult for him to edge.

Or hey, you could also tell him to go do bed frustrated, in preparation for a surprise fuck in the middle of the night – or even putting him in chastity the next day, really drilling home the frustration!

Up to you, ladies!

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